TZ-25LCS-10A Full automatic silicone mold lipstick production line

Target products :silicone mold lipstickmetal mold lipstick、engrave lipstickCMPlipsticktraditional lipstick

Output :40-50pcs/min    1 operator

Power :220v-380v50-60Hz

Compressed air :6-8Mpa


Feature :

1.2 Stainless steel 316L 50L double-jacket tank with heating function,auto change over.

2.Filling 10pcs every time,tolerance±0.1g

3.Servo motor piston pumping

4.Ice-table freezer, small size,low noise, fast freezing.

5.Auto servo motor control releasing system, auto mold discharging、cap placing top clamping、lipstick inserting and releasing