TL-6AP Automatic capsules filling sealing machine

The machine is with 6pcs, push-pull circulation, electric heat sealing, piston type quantitative filling. The main frame is  aluminum alloy + 304 stainless steel. The nylon mold is custom made. The machine has a total of 10 molds (The number as per output requirements) cyclic operation.

Features :

1、Auto film feeding, using vacuum sucker to pick up and turn over and put

2、 Piston filling, quantitative adjustment as per capsule volume

3、 Electric heat sealing

4、The caspule is ejected with servo pushing, vacuum grasping

5、Mold cyclic operation

6、Separate filling system


Output:40-60PC/min Screen:PLC Power:5KW Demension:3.5×0.8×1.9m Weight:800KG Compressed air:6-8kgf