TL-50L2-2A Two Nozzles Filling Machine

Target Products
Lipstick、Eyeliner、Vaseline and all kinds of oil/cream products packed in all kinds of package and mould filling as well
Filling 1φ 220V 50/60Hz 6KW
FIlling 3φ 380V 50/60Hz 5KW
Capping 1φ 220V 50/60Hz 2KW
Compressed Air
1,Double nozzles filling at the same time
2,Filling Controlled by Servo Ceramic Pump
3,Automatic capping machine to increase production capacity
4,With double vessels switch station, easy bulk change
5,Servo lifting vessel for different products, optimize tube line for easy cleaning
6,HMI interactive operating system to ensure adjust quickly, memory fuction for easy changing/saving system configuration