Jialan group is a digital driven biotechnology beauty enterprise. Since 2001, Shanghai has created the brand of Chinas original high-end beauty brand, the natural brand CHCEDO from Himalaya, the sensitive plant of skin care experts, the wisdom of spring and summer, the professional efficacy skin care brand, the COMO, the new perfume brand, and the brand of the new perfume brand, and the business scale is growing.

So far, Jialan has established more than 40000 retail networks in 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, covering cities and counties at all levels of the country. It has set up brand counters in department stores, Ka stores, supermarkets, beauty shops and other channels, and has entered all online sales platforms, with nearly 8000 employees directly under it. It is one of the leading enterprises in Chinas market share It is an industry leader with good consumer reputation and social influence. Galan is gradually expanding its international market.